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Meadortations by Lee Meador

Lee Meador

Who could forget the car coming down the street with an arm out of the window pointed down against the side of the car, rolled up newspaper in hand, ready for his toss into the yard? The closer he got you were able to see that signature smile and always greeting anyone who was in the yard with a big “hello” and “how are you,” usually taking time to stop and visit a minute before continuing on.

Always a smile, always ready to lend a hand or give a kind word, Lee Meador will forever be remembered in the Hardin Community.

We felt it only fitting to have his signature “Meadortation” articles on the history of Hardin, Ray County and the surrounding area. The Richmond Daily News has kindly given permission for us to research their archives and post his most memorable articles.

Please feel free to send in letters or annotations that you would like to post about Lee or if you have past articles that Lee has written, we would be happy to add them.

We will add new articles as we can. Please visit often.