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Church History

May 10, 1895, by the authority of the Upper Missouri Presbytery, a commission consisting of Rev. Joshua Barbee of Excelsior Springs, Rev. J. S. Vantermeter and Elder Doctor George W. Buchanan of Richmond, met in Hardin and organized a Presbyterian church U.S. to be known as the Morton-Hardin Presbyterian Church. There were twenty-two charter members.

A new Presbyterian Church was built in Hardin about 1904, property of the Morton-Hardin Presbyterian Church. The Presbyterian congregation in Hardin and the Presbyterians of Morton continued to be known as one church, the Morton-Hardin Presbyterian Church. The church employed a minister full time, who lived in Hardin and preached Sundays - a month at Hardin and two Sundays at Morton. The first full time minister was Rev. Guy B. Duff, who came as pastor, newly graduated from the Seminary at Louisville, Kentucky, in the summer of 1904.

On February 22, 1905, the Platte Presbytery of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church deeded to the Morton-Hardin Presbyterian Church U.S. its one-fourth interest in their union church building at Morton.

At a meeting of the Upper Missouri Presbytery at Walnut Grove on September 17, 1919, Presbyters granted the petition of the members of the Morton-Hardin Presbyterian Church to divide the church into two separate churches, one to be known as the Morton Presbyterian Church - the other as the Hardin Presbyterian Church. The Presbytery also gave all the Presbyterian interest in the union church building at Morton to the Morton Presbyterian Church, all property rights in the Presbyterian Church building at Hardin to the Hardin Presbyterian Church. Some years later the Hardin Presbyterian Church was dissolved and the church building was sold and made into a residence.

Source: Hardin, Missouri: A Centennial History (1870-1970)