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Church History

About the year 1895, several families in the community organized the Church of Christ and held their meetings in the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church. After a couple of years, they decided to buy some land and build a meeting house of their own. Two acres of land were purchased from Jerry H. Bryan, which was a short distance north of where they had been meeting. One acre of the land was for the church building and one acre for a graveyard. A frame building was erected about the year 1896. Church and Sunday school were held in the new building. Church and Sunday school had been held regularly every Sunday.

The church has never had a resident pastor but visiting ministers have come and preached. The congregation grew until the membership was around one hundred fifty. Around 1912 the original church building burned and a new and more commodious frame building was immediately erected. A number of people have used the graveyard to bury members of their families.

The following families were instrumental in the founding and the early life of the church:

H. C. Brenneman, S. R. Heiney, John H. Renick, J. M. Rhodes, J. I. Herring, S. P. Wheeler, John Donaldson, James Leyda, W. E. Clark, J. G. Collier, T. S. Martin, Morton Wheeler, James Parnell, Dee Bowman, and others.

The church building and graveyard have been maintained in good condition through all of the years. Services are still being conducted each Sunday. (Webmaster's note: The church is no longer in use.)

Source: Hardin, Missouri: A Centennial History (1870-1970)