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Note: If you know the year the Hardin Assembly of God Church closed, please contact us.

It was just 29 years ago, in June of 1941, that a small group of Christian believers moved their meeting place at Lakeview into Hardin and invited Rev. Billy Spurgeon to pitch his tent in the city park for a tent meeting. This was the start of the present Assembly of God Church in Hardin.

Services were held on a Sunday afternoon in the home of Mrs. Ollie Lyons. Rev. Tom W. Hook was pastor at that time, and his son, Rev. Kenneth Hook, is the present pastor.

Soon the services were moved to a former school building, now the home of Mr. and Mrs. Connie Bandy and located just on the south side of the old Wabash tracks. A larger building was sought and one next to the old Odeon Theatre was obtained. This had been the Robert Boggess Funeral and Furniture store at one time.

For several years services were held in this Mission Hall, and for a few months prior to construction of the new edifice, the worship services were held in the American Legion Hall.

During the time church services were held in the Mission Hall, several pastors who became endeared to the congregation were to follow Rev. Hook after his resignation. These included Rev. N. Cleo Tapp, Rev. James E. Smith, Rev. L. V. Kitchell, Rev. Robert Cunningham, Rev. Darrell Massey, Rev. Lloyd Nelson, Mrs. Ruth Copeland and Rev. S. E. Carlsen.

It was under the leadership of Rev. Carlsen that the building plans for the present church began to take form. A groundbreaking service for the new building was held Sunday, October 14, 1956, on a lot that had been purchased several years before. The interim had allowed the church to accumulate funds for the building program.

The first service to be held in the new church was on the first Sunday of 1957. Then on June 3, 1957, the dream of the congregation became a reality as the new building was dedicated to the Lord in a special service. Rev. T. E. Gannon of Des Moines, Iowa, district superintendent, was the speaker. Roy Blankenship, mayor of Hardin, was present, spoke and welcomed the church into Hardin. Special music was brought by the Hardin High School girls’ sextet.

The modern one story structure is made of haydite blocks, painted white outside with a soft shade of green for the interior. The building has a furnace room, Sunday school rooms, nursery, restrooms, baptistery, and a sanctuary seating approximately 150 persons.

One of the most striking features is the modern tower with a white cross set to the side of the canopy at the front door entrance.

Work was done under the general direction of Rev. Carlsen. A great deal of volunteer labor went into the building, furnished by both church members and townspeople.

Other pastors to serve the church after Rev. Carlsen were: Rev. Harry Haidt, Rev. J. C. Hook, Rev. Bobby Hicks, Rev. Fred Johnson, and the present pastor, Rev. Kenneth E. Hook.

In 1967 the church purchased a spinet piano and this year they purchased pews from the Norborne Lutheran Church.

The Hardin Assembly of God is typical of the strides taken in advancement by the Assemblies of God Church everywhere.

Source: Hardin, Missouri: A Centennial History (1870-1970)