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Hardin Community Betterment Association




Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Hardin Community Betterment Association is to work to make Hardin a good place for family living by addressing problems, seeking solutions, and working for the betterment of the total community.


Our Goals

1.     Encourage the maintenance of buildings and property.

2.     Welcome new businesses into our community including some with partial emphasis on youth recreation.

3.     Engage the community in activities and programs that promote the City of Hardin as a great place to live.

4.     Attract new long-term residents into our community.





President: Stacy Nolker, 660-398-4540

Vice President: Lisa Thacker, 660-398-4643

Secretary: Johnna Fifer, 660-398-1294

Treasurer: Meredith Freece, 816-616-8418

  Currently, the Hardin Community Betterment Association is working toward the renovation of Ivaloo Park.