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The Lavelock Cemetery is located on Route A, 2.5 miles north of the City of Hardin. There is a large sign at the entrance on the east side of Route A but the cemetery is loacted a distance from the road. The Lavelock Cemetery traces its beginning to 1845 when Mr. And Mrs. John W. Morris donated three acres of land for a church and cemetery. In 1870, George Morris and wife made a second deed for the ground when an entire new directorate board was elected for the cemetery.

The Lavelock Cemetary has a 6 member Board of Directors.

President: Raymond King
Vice President: Clifton White, Jr.
Secretary: Donald Davidson
Treasurer: Louise King
Member: Allen Summers
Member: Chris McGuire

Please send donations to the Lavelock Board Treasurer: Louise King, P.O. Box 605, Hardin, MO 64035