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Notes from the President: January 2008

Veterans Wall

Pictured above is the newest improvement to the cemetery. This is the memorial honoring the veterans buried in the Hardin Cemetery. There is space to add the veterans that die and are buried in the cemetery each year to the memorial thus we have termed it a living memorial.

I would like to let those of you that are within travel distance of Richmond about a program you might want to attend. We have set the date of Sunday July 13, 2008, at 2:00 pm, at the Farris Theater in Richmond Mo. to celebrate the 15 years of recovery from the “93 Flood”. The motivation in holding this program is to give everyone a chance to view a program that was on the TV but most of us missed seeing. A few years ago National Geographic put a program on their cable channel about the work a forensic anthropologist does. A lot of this was based on the recovery work done at the cemetery. As things go in the movie industry after it was “in the can” staff had changed and it was some time before a time slot was decided on to show it. Ed Wolf was the local contact with the production company doing the work and he went to work to see if we could get a tape of the program to view.

He was successful, and we will be viewing the program as part of the meeting program the 13th of July. This will be 15 years and a day sense the “93 Flood” washed over 90% of the cemetery. Some of us will spend a few minutes relating our experiences as we recovered from what was termed by some as the worst cemetery disaster of recorded history. I hope you can join us on Sunday July 13 at the Farris.

As most of you know maintaining a cemetery is like keeping up your house, there is always something to do and a tight budget to do it with. The cemetery board set up a cemetery improvement fund in 2006. This will be a method for you to ear mark your gift to go toward improvement and repair. The first project covered by the improvement fund is the work of repairing and resetting the old sandstone tombstones in the south section. We need to reset 300+ stones, which were damaged by the “93 Flood” in this section. When we did this work after the flood, stones were temporarily set in the ground without new bases because we were working at rebuilding the cemetery as quickly as we could. Over the last 15 years the stones started leaning, so we decided to start this improvement project. We are almost finished with this project.

As you might guess the expenses of mowing and repair keep going up, you can mail gifts to the Hardin Cemetery, 10081 Shirley Circle, Hardin, MO 64035. Take a look at the 2008 newsletter that is posted on this web page. It will explain in more detail the different ways you can make a donation to the cemetery.

I want to thank all of you who have made donations to the cemetery over the years. These donations helped us rebuild and improve the cemetery.